Simply put, we believe in the environment—so we build houses which impact it as little as possible. We're committed to doing things the right way, in an environmentally conscious manner, ensuring you have an energy efficient home that will last generations. Everyone on our team—from our craftsmen and builders, to the architects and engineers we partner with—strives to provide work which is as green as possible. Here are a few of the practices we specialize in:


• Site orientation of house to gain all possible passive solar energy.

• Minimizing environmental impact before and after construction.

• Super insulation systems which reduce heating demands.

• Environmentally friendly building materials using recycled or renewable resources.

• Passive radon emission systems.

• High efficiency heating units using either natural gas or propane.

• Use of low VOC products (volatile organic compounds).

• Programmable thermostats.

• Pan flashings for all windows and doors.

• Multi-port fan systems to exhaust stale and moisture-laden air.

• Heat recovery ventilator (HRV) systems to insure healthy air.

• Insulated structural panels (ISP) for walls and roofs.

• Roof-mounted photovoltaic panels for electrical production.

• Geo-thermal heating and cooling systems.


Additionally, during renovation work, all re-usable materials are donated to Habitat for Humanity. We even account for all available property tax exemptions and federal tax credits.

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